Dear Friends,

Welcome to my new site!

News on the new cd is that I am at this time waiting for delivery of the first print-run of CD’s! As soon as I am in receipt of them I’ll get the shop set up.

I was excited to be able to include several works on the disc that will be completely unknown to most of you – as indeed they were to me until I was introduced to them only recently! So after having collected a few interesting new pieces, plus re-recording some old favourites from my very first solo CD, I got enough material together to make an album that should interest most of you!

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on developments – shouldn’t be long now.


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  1. Just ordered a copy , what I’ve heard so far is brilliant and shouldn’t be allowed to be played on Horn, Superb mate.
    If you can find a pen Frank a signed copy would be lovely, Cheers mate and good luck with the CD. Taff Ryan.

  2. Just listened to all the snippets from all the tracks. Absolutely brilliant Frank. Please let me know when your back in Scotland.

  3. Having now listened to all your tracks I really don’t know what to say except Brilliant, truly Brilliant Frank.
    I can’t congratulate you enough mate, There is No Limit to your awesome talent. Well played that man. Taff.

  4. Going to be in the UK for a while from Wednesday 20th July. First port of call is Edinburgh, then from 23rd for two weeks in Cornwall. In Glasgow then from 6th-10th August and heading for Deal in Kent for probably around 12th-14th. I’ll post again with the actual days. Please get in touch if you’d like to meet up!

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